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In its central part there was a light table with four wicker chairs and two wicker loungers in the form of an antique bed. The huge plot was also. Very different from the houses of other residents of this village, which Olezhka had glimpsed, surrounded by orchards and vegetable gardens. Here, from the very gate to the house, there was a wide path of stone paving; the same paths, narrower, diverged in many directions. Instead. Of fruit trees and bushes, instead of beds, there was a tennis court and a ping-pong table, opposite the left wing of the house Lexi Vixi Video was a round openwork gazebo - a "rotunda" with a domed curved wavy roof; these "waves", similar to huge irregular commas, bent in a crescent shape, gradually narrowing, descending from the top to the edges of the roof. Inside the pavilion itself there was a round table and three long polished benches made up of the wrong letter "P", for some reason immediately. Aroused in Olezhka a feeling of pinching fear; from under the dome of the Lexi Vixi Video above the table hung a lamp in the shape of an antique lantern.

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