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And today Katya drank bisak. And I decided that there would be enough eclairs, because after my eclairs, FICALIA turns out to be Friend Sexy, and it is very tasty to eat. Them, pleasant to the touch and kate. Katya imagined herself as a dog that I feed with delicious food.

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Remote control. A movie began on the plasma panel at the foot of the bed. Tanya played the main role Friend Sexy it. The shooting was carried out with a television lens, so that the focus was almost exclusively on Tanya's crotch: here Tanya is shaved, here she lifts her ass playing billiards, here. She undresses (face in focus), here she twists her bare backside trying to distract the banker, here is the first cue, here and the second, and what is this playful numbers in the corner of the screen. Had she been raped by nearly thirty Friend Sexy.

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